Mersea Island Scooter Rally 2020
FAQ'S Tide Times Security

My name is Michael Herlihy and I am the licensed security compliance manager for Security NTK Ltd.
We are specialists in events and venue management. We are an Essex based company, founded in and (are proud to) hail from Colchester, Britain’s oldest and largest recorded Garrison town.
We are also proud of our own history and heritage and our exemplary record in the field of peace-keeping and conflict resolution. My band of merry men and me are fundamentally made up of peacekeepers and protectors from close-protection, hospital site security and licensed door supervisor backgrounds.
We are a registered in England with Companies House and authorised by the government Security Industry Authority (the S.I.A.).
We are active on many fronts in Essex and nationwide but can be found more often than not operating in the hub of Colchester and Tendring’s licensed trade and night time economy (clubs and pubs).
We are responsible for the provision of security and close-protection (CP) operatives for sporting and entertainment celebrities. I am a former bodyguard to Formula 1 motor racing World Champion Nigel Mansell and Olympic Rowing Gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave CBE. I have looked after many famous figures and household names since and still provide close-protection here in the UK as well as overseas for the private and public sector. Exploits in June and July have taken us to London Heathrow and Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotels to look after leading actors at popular conventions for Rogue Events, such as; Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries.
Our most recent venture as far as large music gatherings is concerned was the Maverick Festival at Gt. Easton Farm Park out in Framlingham (Suffolk) for its 9th annual (4th July) Blue Grass music celebration. I am happy to report that was a runaway success and a pleasure to be a part of.
I have been associated with the Mersea Scooter Rally in one shape or form now for well over 17 years. I have had a long standing affinity with Colchester dvlc and friendships with some of its well-known characters and more active members for considerably longer… not to mention quite a few of you, its loyal supporters. I have been officially responsible for all security matters in relation to the event since 2005. I enjoy liaising with the Event’s Organiser, the hard-working Niamh Pennington, Lyn Barry (Security Liaison) and Ginger Tony (Games/ Show Host) .
Historically this is a very well behaved event with little or no incidents to talk of. That’s just the way we like it! We don’t envisage problems; however situations can occur from time to time. We will challenge and resolve these issues where we see fit and as is necessary, intervene quickly and resolve them for the better good of the event and the well being of its attendees. We can be found all over the shop, feel free to approach any of our NTK staff, in yellow Hi-Vis vests and we will serve you well in a positive manner to the best of our ability so that this healthy tradition may continue.
I welcome any reports about problematic or anti-social behaviour. We are here to ensure you all enjoy yourselves in a safe environment.

Kind Regards

Mike Herlihy.